Jean Ho Chu

Jean Ho Chu is an artist, researcher, and an educator exploring new forms of artistic expression through digital technology. She has been creating interactive multi-media artworks and tangible interfaces for the past ten years. Her research interests include Interactive Media Arts, Digital Cultural Heritage, and Interactive Narratives. She received her Ph.D. in Digital Media from Georgia Institute of Technology; her M.F.A. in Digital Arts from Pratt Institute in New York, and B.F.A. in Fine Arts, Painting from Seoul National University. She is currently an assistant professor at Sogang University in Seoul, Korea.     |

Welcoming New Students

Our group is waiting for more students to join. We welcome students with diverse background and interests. Please contact the director for any questions.

Kyoungmin Bang | 방경민

B.A in Sculpture & New Media Art
Research Interests : Virtual Reality, New Media Art, Computer Graphics

Hangyeol Jo | 조한결

B.A in Life Science(Teacher Training Course) & Environmental Engineering
Research Interests : XR, Sound, Dance, SF, Life Science

Lee Hye Yeon | 이혜연

Research Interests : VR, Interactive Media Art, Computing Art

Eunjung Park | 박은정

BA Fine Art Theory & MA Curating Contemporary Design
Research Interests : Interactivity theory in an Art Exhibition, Online Platform for Art Contents, and Virtual Reality